Within Reason

Snarky, sarcastic Bella and Confident but quiet Edward... One night together, changes both their lives... Everything in life is worth trying once... as long as it's within reason...

Ink and Nails

When Edward Cullen is hired to work on heartbroken writer, Isabella Swan's house... will he end up fixing a lot more than just her house?

Keep Moving On

There is light at the end of every tunnel... when his life falls apart can Edward keep moving on... Drabble in EPOV Rated M for language and lemons...

Without A Hitch

When she tries to help a friend, Bella finds herself as an unofficial advice guru, with Edward as her latest project. Things get complicated when she falls for him instead.


While trying to enjoy her honeymoon-turned-solo-vacation, Isabella's party for one is literally crashed by a handsome, mysterious stranger who saves her life. Before she knows it, she's thrown into a world of danger; and passion.

26 November 2011


It's time for the DRABBLE WAR... with me, Kitkat Cullen and KylaMichelle Hugsalot... check them out ladies!

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25 November 2011

The Major's Touch

My first one-shot is posted on FF.Net... I wrote it for my girl Sandy... check it out!

23 November 2011

The 'not so' Secret Life of a Security Guard

I wrote my first drabble... it is currently with the beta but is completely pre-written... I should be able posting this weekend or early next week at the latest... Make sure you check it out!