07 June 2012

Win a Dream Wedding One-Shot....

Next order of business that needs to be wrapped up...

Those of you that were in my FB group or that stalked my wall probably know that I had asked you all to vote for a friend of mine to help her win a dream wedding... I also promised an exclusive one-shot to all those that vote/voted for her... that is still happening... as I said I am not backing out of anything I already committed to... so here's the link... and while I do have a list of names so far... if you are new to the voting... or have already voted drop a comment on this post with your contact info... even if it's just your FB Name, Twitter Name, email or whatever... if you want your copy of the one-shot... Voting ends Sunday... and the winner of the contest is announced Tuesday, June 12th... so get your votes in please... and I will contact you all after tuesday with details on the one-shot...

VOTE HERE for Kati 'Love Comes When You Least Expect It':

Teaser and banner for the one-shot coming soon!


Hey Jess ... I just wanted to check in on you to see how you're doing ... make sure everything's ok with you ... miss you! If you need anything, give me a shout. Take care!

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Was looking for the link to keep voting and then noticed you were gone. Hope everything is ok. Good luck to your friend.

Domie Ocsickgirl Alvarado

I voted Jess... Good luck Kati & Josh

I voted. Good luck to your friend. I hope she wins! Susanpr@gmail.com

I voted. I hope she wins. Let us know.
My email in case you don't show it:


Lizzie Sparkling

Have voted every chance I get. Hope she wins! mebelfour@bellsouth.net; Margaret Gott Belfour on Facebook.

Hey, I've voted. Lets hope it all pays off and I hope you're back soon (:
Facebook name Twi Luvaah.

I voted quite a bit for your friend & I hope she gets her dream wedding! My email is joannakalinsky@comcast.net. Thanks so much for all the stories you write, the drabble wars, & the banners that you make for others! You are an awesome person!!!!!!!!!

Did she win? I keep checking the facebook app but it hasn't declared any winners yet...

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