10 March 2012

New Fic...

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New mini-Fic... 15 Chapters... Pre-written... It's called Fracture... A huge thanks to the wonderful ladies that helped Beta this... MidNight Cougar... texasbella and my twi-wifey FFLoverLaura!


Fracture By JA Mash

Summary: While trying to enjoy her honeymoon-turned-solo-vacation, Isabella's party for one is literally crashed by a handsome, mysterious stranger who saves her life. Before she knows it, she's thrown into a world of danger… and passion like she's never dreamed of.


She flipped aimlessly through the channels on the huge flat screen TV while she waited for the food to arrive, and continued to channel surf as she ate. Twice as many channels as at home, and there was still nothing worth watching. How Paul could spend so many hours watching TV, she had no idea.

“But it's none of your business now,” Isabella reminded herself.

She stacked the dishes in the sink and wandered back to the window. It was dark, but the lights from the main part of the resort cast a faint glow over the sea. There was a slight hum from the air conditioner, but other than that, she couldn't hear a thing. Standing there, arms folded over her chest and the soft cotton of the bathrobe brushing her skin all over, she finally felt herself start to relax.
Huh. Maybe this was all she had needed. A little time by herself without well-meaning but intrusive friends or family; some time in a quiet place where she could hear her own thoughts and start to put herself back together. Not that she was in millions of shattered pieces, mind you, just—fractured.
“Fractured,” Isabella said out loud, enjoying the shape of the word in her mouth. She'd have to share it with her therapist when they Skyped for her usual Wednesday appointment. He'd like that. It would show she was thinking about things, not too much, but moving towards the self-actualization he was always talking about. Yes, that would be good.
The sudden shattering of glass was so loud that Isabella almost screamed.