16 July 2012

New Drabble War Prompt Challenge!

Posted by JA Mash on July 16, 2012 with No comments

Drabble War Blog: http://www.drabblewar.blogspot.com/

In a nutshell, here's your challenge:
***Pick one of the 28 DYAC images we’ve provided below and in the FB Group*** Please reference the image # that you are basing your drabble off of in your opening author's note. Should you accept the challenge, you have from now until July 27th to write your drabble... and as this is a prompt challenge, the 1 day posting rule is in effect. Your drabble should be posted in it's entirety by the end of July 28th! Also, because this is a challenge, there is no limit to number of authors signing up... no interviews or author group will be done for this. Just have fun, select your DYAC and make us laugh on the 28th!