27 May 2012

The Wordsmith Awards

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Thanks to everyone that voted for me... Fracture won Best Bella and tied for Best Edward in The Wordsmith Awards... You guys are the best... Thanks for voting!!

15 May 2012

Drabble Wars Picture Prompt Challenge!

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Who's ready to write?!!!

Rachel and I are upping the challenge once again... we’re busting out the visuals! For this Picture Prompt Challenge you will not have unlimited time to plan and write, this is a quick put on your thinking cap and let the creative juices flow! As always...there will not be a definitive winner...other than the readers who get more amazing stories!


1. NO LIMIT on number of authors participating...just sign up by adding your FF author profile link at the bottom of this doc in the sign up area. Just like with the monthly "war" docs, as you decide your title and summary (and then story link), please come back to this doc to add them under your profile link.

2. You have approximately TWO WEEKS to write your drabble.

3. Drabbles should post in their entirety on ONE WEEKEND...BEGINNING FRIDAY, MAY 26TH. So keep this in mind when you are writing, these should be short-ish drabbles.

4. You are welcome to get a banner for your drabble and add it to the album with the appropriate Challenge Banner.

5. Now for the twist...your prompt. Normally we give you a single word as your theme or prompt, this time we are giving you pictures... 12 to be exact... you may choose to use up to 3 of the provided pictures to base your story on. Please let us know which pictures you are using in your summary.


Ready, Set, Write!!!

11 May 2012

May Drabble War

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It's that time again... the May Drabble War is upon us... check out these great entries...

May 11th, 2102

Amazed by TrueEnglishRose
Summary: They come from two different backgrounds and lifestyles, one simple, one fabulous, yet both know what it means to suffer. Can they face the future together and learn to let go of their demons? Can they find what it is to be Amazed?

The Right Kind of Wrong by Misguided.Cullen
Summary: While on a vacation with friends to London, Bella meets older bachelor Edward Cullen who invades her every thought, emotion and inch of her soul. One problem. He's mistaken her for someone else so when you fall for the wrong person, can it be right?


Brother's, hotties, and doggies...Oh, my! by Amberdale
Summary: Bella’s Brother Emmett asks Bella to Doggie sit, what chaos ensues? How does the Hottie neighbor next door help? Read along to find out!!! E&B Humor/borderline crackfic

Love Soon by HollBeth
Summary: Bella's just a late-twenty-something ready to be in love. Edward's just a college kid ready to be in love. He's sure he found it, she's sure he's wrong. He's all in while she's freaking out. Can she give in and let love win? AH/Romance & Drama, M for the usual.


Lucky Strike by Twiddler83
Summary: -May Drabble War Entry- Edward Cullen is new to the pitching staff of the Cardinals after being pulled up from the minors. Opening day is one of the biggest days of this town, and it's up to Edward to deliver a win. An unexpected spectator gets a surprise she didn't see coming, it literally makes her see stars. ExB Humor/Romance Rated M for dirty reasons. Alternate POV's


Coffee Shop Serenade by I Drive Like a Cullen16

Summary: As the owner of Swan's Coffee, Bella's life is uneventful, until a mysterious stranger stumbles into her shop. Despite the secrets he holds, she lets him stay, as he plays his guitar every night to repay her. Will she ever find out the secrets he hides? ExB

06 May 2012

Don't Go Gently Chapter 28

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03 May 2012

The Right Formula

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The Right Formula
By JA Mash
CLICK HERE to read.